Luxfer Tank 40cf

This Luxfer Tank Aluminum 40 CF is a great choice in diving tanks.

The Luxfer 40 Cubic Foot (5.7 liters) Aluminum Tank is a small compact cylinder that is great for use as a stage bottle for decompression and safety stop use. It is also commonly used by technical divers as a bailout bottle. The cylinder is a 3000 psi (200 bars) service pressure tank measuring 24.8″ (63 cm) tall, with a 5.3″ (13.46 cm) diameter. The cylinder weighs 14.9 lbs. (6.76 kg) is negative 0.7 lbs. (317.5 g) when full in salt water and is positively buoyant 2.4 lbs. (1.1 kg) when empty. The cylinder comes with a Pro Valve. The Pro Valve is one of the highest flow cylinder valves available today and is also a convertible valve. Whether you dive Yoke or DIN regulators this valve will work for both. Valve has easily removed 200 bar (3000 psi) DIN insert to convert the valve for use with DIN regulators. Valve has a heavy duty deign with a smooth operating mechanism and multi-ported burst disc plug for added safety.

Colors: Painted Yellow


  • Painted with durable, premium-quality powder coatings
  • Aluminum is highly resistant to external and internal corrosion
  • Interior Finish
  • Nitrox Ready
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