Ti Stiletto Tip and Ti Tanto Tip blades made of high grade beta alloy titanium Blade is made of lightweight durability titanium. No rust, no magnetism, and no maintenance. More abrasion resistant. With plastic hand grip and quick release knife straps. With soft TPR sheath design for easy drain. Sharp tip with serrated edge.

Can be used for fixing, attaching, or mounting various hoses or accessories to equipment. The octagon insert allows you to rotate to different fixed positions.

Different sizes available for different needs. 7114L: Large size 10.5″x13.5″ For target items such as cameras, food, binoculars, maps,etc. 7114M: medium size 7″x10″ For items such as films, wallets, maps, etc. 7114S: For smaller items such as matches, cigarretes, watches, passports, license, keys, etc.  

The Saekodive  reels are perfect combinations of the design and economy. One of the popular applications is for launching markings or lift devices in the ocean. They are also commonly used as replacemments for jump reels comes with nylon line.

The excellent design for hanging diver’s B.C. Jacket, wetsuit, regulator, hood and many other accessories. With two removable end shoulders so that you can change the directions of the shoulders all up and down to hang a variety of dive gear.  Accommodates both Yoke and DIN regulators.  

The Saekodive Wrist Compass black is a small and streamlined diving compass. Colors: Black Features Small, sleek and durable design. Enhanced readability with prominent pointer in the side-viewing window. High-strength magnet gives fast, positive response. A red lubber line for top-reading accuracy. Abrasion-resistant bezel rotates 360 degrees.

With this Saekodive LED Dive Light, you’ll be able to see, no matter where you are. Colors: Fluoroescent Yellow Features Battery: 3C, excluded. Lumen: 220. Burn time: 8.0+ hours. Package: Blister card.

Want to see underwater? Get the Saekodive light flashing LED green and never be in the dark again. Colors: Green Features Automatically turned on in water. Bright flashing LED. Length: 3 1/2″ (89mm). Diameter: 1″ (25.4mm). Depth: approx. 60M. Life Rating: 500-700 hours. LED color available: Green.

The Saekodive Jet Fins are high quality rubber fins that will enable you to get the most from your scuba diving adventures. They are rugged and durable and will feet even the strongest “power feet”. Sizes: Medium

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