Bigblue Dive Lights TL4500P

New to Bigblue in the 2016 light line-up is the TL4500P. This light is a self-contained technical light that pumps out a stunning 4500 lumen narrow beam. The TL4500P has a compact body style, uses a reliable push-button switching mechanism, a battery indicator on the light itself, and your choice of 4 power levels and an SOS function.
As a self-contained light, it uses a self-contained Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack and comes with a charger. The battery pack is removeable for easy replacement with an optional spare fully charged battery between dives. The TL4500P also comes with a reinforced Goodman-style glove, and an aluminum lantern-style handle, which makes this light a versatile option for any diver wanting the extreme light output needed in demanding conditions.

Light Source:4 X XML LED
Light Output:450 Lm (Level I), 1125 Lm (Level II), 2250 Lm (Level III), 4500 Lm (Level IV)
Casing Material:Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized
Power Source:Li Ion rechargeable battery pack 18650 x 4
Safety Designs:Double o-ring sealed
Angle Of Light Beam:10ยบ Narrow Beam
Color Temperature:6500K
Available Colors:Black
Burn Time:2 hours (level IV), 4 hours (level III), 8 hours (level II), 20 hours (level I)
Maximum Depth:100 M tested
Size:Dia. 72 X 150.3 mm
Weight:596 g (Including Battery)
Bouyancy:-222 g (Including Battery)
Switching System:Push button with battery indicator
Front Glass:Tempered optical glass
Package Weight Lbs:4

Color: Black

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