Ideal for Side mount diving and stage bottle right configuration 300Bar

Compatible for Yoke or DIN regulator Ideal for Side Mount Diving

  Standard yoke      outlet 3/4″ – 14      NPSM inlet Threaded dip      tube included Service      pressure: 2400, 3000 psi

The manfold consists of left and right modular valves with an isolation crossbar offering 8.5-inch adjustable center-to-center spacing that perfectly fits 6.90-inch, 7.25-inch and 8-inch diameter scuba cylinders using standard tank bands. The manifold is Nitrox ready  and comes with 5250 psi burst disks, double O-ring seal modular port plugs and standard 3/4″ NPS neck threads that […]

This  Standalone series is designed with an angled handwheel and a shielded side-mounted burst disk safety assembly to make the lifting of your cylinder easier. Can be used with DIN or Yoke regulators. It can hold 340Bar of pressure.

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