Description: The fixed blades of the Stingray fins are characterized by their thermo rubber foot-pocket and for the angle between foot-pocket and blade being 22 degrees (compared to traditional 15/17 degree). The use of thermo rubber of two different stiffness compounds increases comfort over normal foot-pockets. The 22-degree angle is the result of trying to […]

The Shot FX fins are high-performance fins that incorporate new technologies and the latest materials. They take the best concepts of the SlingShot and HotShot fins and improve upon them. The Power Zone, located in front of the foot pocket, where the power bands used to be, continues to evolve. What were once powerbands, are […]

The perfect rental or recreational fin.  With proven reliability and quality . The EXCEED fin is designed for the everyday rigors of dive shop rentals or personal use. Flexible Polyprpylene blade and a thermoplastic rubber foot pocket. COLORS: YELLOW SIZES: SMALL/MEDIUM, MEDIUM/LARGE, LARGE/EXTRA LARGE  

The Aqua Lung Rocket Fin is a popular fin with professional divers, as well as military divers. Even the US Navy Seals have been known to use these fins! A light weight, neutrally buoyant rubber compound makes up the body of the fin. The large foot pocket accommodates SeaSoft Stealth Military Boots, combat style boots, […]

The Aqua Lung Slingshot Fin is a revolutionary fin that is taking the scuba diving world by storm. This fin will make diving more comfortable, efficient and fun. Its innovations include Power Bands, Gear Shift and Mid-foot Flex Joint that all add up to provide a wonderful diving experience. Colors: Red Sizes: XL (9 – […]

The Aqua Lung Sport Proflex Fin offers lots of features that beginner and advanced divers will love. Proflex fins are among the best value for the price, distinguished by its dual open water channels, which optimize the water flow and enhance the snap and thrust of the diver. Features Contemporary designed, dual-composite fin for excellent […]

With a low-density rubber construction, the Aqua Lung Super Rocket Fin has a neutral weight in water. Colors: Black Features The modernized, larger foot pocket accommodates SeaSoft Stealth Military Boots, combat style boots, and drysuit boots such as DUI RockBoots and Whites EVO 3. The heavy duty stainless steel buckles have threaded bolt and locknut […]

The Aqua Lung Express Fin is a popular diving fin with many types of divers. Colors: Black/Siver Sizes: 46/47 Features Large blade, elastically linked to the shoe-tip (Slingshot effect). Elastic rubberized zone in the fullfoot tip, it allows the fin-s blade to bend to the optimum angle to obtain a positive thrust from the complete […]

The Aqua Lung Caravelle Fin is a super comfortable and incredibly lightweight fin, making it a great choice for your diving adventures. It comes with the power and efficiency of many larger and heavier fins. The key to its power is the specially formulated blade material that provides additional thrust at the end of every […]

The Aqua Lung Stratos Fin is robust and powerful, making it perfect for recreational and professional divers alike. Colors: Orange Sizes: Giant Features Bi-material engineered side ribs and blade Bi-material full pocket Power transmission zone Bending zone: allows the blade to quickly reach the optimal inclination for propulsion and water channelling Quick release buckles Ergonomic […]

The Aqua Lung Hot Shot fins are great for travelers and adventurers alike. They are compact and weigh only 1.5kg (for a medium) making them lightweight and easy to stash in your suitcase. The Hotshot fin can be worn with bare feet as they are super comfy and soft against bare skin. The self adjusting […]

The Saekodive Jet Fins are high quality rubber fins that will enable you to get the most from your scuba diving adventures. They are rugged and durable and will feet even the strongest “power feet”. Sizes: Medium

The Aqua Lung Sport Trek Fins are perfect for both snorkeling and swimming. The compact size makes them an excellent choice for travel. Only 15″ from heel to tip of blade, these fins will pack easily into any flight luggage. AquaLung Sport Trek Fins are engineered to provide excellent power and speed while conserving energy, […]

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