Aqua Lung Boot 3mm

Aqualung Booties 3mm Low CutThese Aqua Lung 3mm Diving Boots are perfect for diving and a number of other adventurous watersports.

Easy to wear slip-on type low-cut neoprene boots, with non-slip rubber sole.

Aqua Lung low cut boots are made from 3mm Seeflex Nylon II neoprene with 3mm upper and 5mm inner sole for comfort.

These 3mm low cut boots feature a flexible vulcanized rubber sole, two-seam pattern to minimize chafing and rubber heel and toe caps.

Great for any outdoor water activity, or simply as all-around beach and boat walkers, these boots offer ample protection when snorkeling or swimming without fins in shallow rocky bottoms and shorelines.

Shoes are as good in the water as out.

Colors: Black
Sizes: XS (5)


  • SeeFlex Nylon II neoprene
  • Flexible vulcanized rubber sole
  • Two seam pattern minimizes chafing
  • Rubber toe and heel cap
  • Packaged in PVC-free ziplock poly bag
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