Aqua Lung

Ideal for tropical water 3mm high quality standard neoprene

Arms, shoulders and lower legs are constructed of 3mm high quality standard neoprene for comfort and flexibility Neck, wrist and ankle edges are bound for increased durability Integrated SupraTex knee panels provide protection, greater coverage and durability Seam patches are located on all interior seam junctures to strengthen seams Heavy-duty YKK #10 back zipper with […]

Meet the newcomer to the rashguard line-up. Complete your warm water travel ensemble with this hot look. Has a UPF (SPF) rating of 50+ under Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 4399 New dual size tag is more accurate to U.S. sizing  

The new line of Legend regulators crafts the future with innovative technology and sleek cosmetic appeal. The new Legends are smaller and lighter making for a more comfortable dive. Regulator Specifications: Overbalanced Mechanism Environmental Dry Chamber Aqua Flex Hoses Work of Breathing “Peach Skin” Varnish The ACD System

The Aqualung Linea Mask is a super low volume midi-sized mask, ideal for ladies and teenagers ! Utilising the same design technology as the top selling Micromask, the Aqualung Linea Mask Skirt, Lens and Frame are moulded together in a single process. Using this construction approach, rather than snapping together a collection of individual pieces, […]

  2mm neoprene gloves for warm waters • “Hook and Loop” fastener cuff closure • Amara palms • Innovative look

RENTAL FULL SUIT Design for School and rental use 3mm Full Suit Heavy Duty non-corrosive YKK Metal zipper Molded AQ kneepads Back zipper water shield Available sizes: XS, SM, M, ML, L, XL & XXL

The Aqua Lung Calypso Titan Regulator Octopus comes with a huge number of great features. Features A mid-sized, feature-rich alternate air source Diver-controlled Vane Adjustment Switch (VAS) reduces sensitivity to free flow on the surface and provides maximum airflow at depth Enlarged second stage air inlet equipped with Aqua Lungs exclusive “Comfo-Bite” mouthpiece Equipped with […]

The Aqua Lung Wetsuit Tropical 3mm is extremely comfortable and flexible. The entire wetsuit is 100% constructed from 4-way super stretch 3mm neoprene, that stretches to 235% of its original size compared to 125% for standard neoprene. The smooth-skin chest and back panels dry quickly to prevent evaporative heat loss, while the smooth skin seals […]

These Aqua Lung 3mm Diving Boots are perfect for diving and a number of other adventurous watersports. Easy to wear slip-on type low-cut neoprene boots, with non-slip rubber sole. Aqua Lung low cut boots are made from 3mm Seeflex Nylon II neoprene with 3mm upper and 5mm inner sole for comfort. These 3mm low cut […]

These Aqua Lung 5mm diving boots are great for diving, snorkeling and a variety of exciting watersports. High-cut snorkeling boots for Neoprene Boot for Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, and Watersports. High-cut Aqua Lung diving booties constructed from 5 mm double lined neoprene, with glued stitched seams. Therefore the boot can get wet and still offer warmth. […]

These Aqua Lung Zip 5mm Diving Boots are sturdy and durable. Colors: Black Sizes: XL (11) Features High cut and low cut models available. Boots Polar Zippered, 5mm. New design, more comfort. Thickness: 5 mm

The Aqua Lung Sport Acapulco Mask is a great choice for beginner divers just looking to get their feet wet. This two window mask allows for top to bottom viewing, while the one size fits all face skirt allows maximum versatility for the whole family. Colors: Clear/Black Features Low-volume two-window design for unobstructed viewing Expanded […]

The Aqua Lung Sport Malibu Mask is a streamlined, sports mask that features a single window design. Fitted with tempered glass lens for safety, this low-volume snorkeling mask has an expanded top to bottom viewing window and a silicone face skirt that provides the ultimate comfort. Colors: Black Features Frameless low volume one-window design Hypoallergenic […]

The Aqua Lung Sport Mini Acapulco is the perfect diving mask for kids 3 to 7 years old. The Mini Acapulco features a comfortable face skirt designed to fit smaller, narrower faces, tempered glass lenses for safety, and easy to use pull buckles for adjusting the right fit. Colors: Pink Features 2-window low volume design […]

The Aqua Lung Calypso Titan Octopus is a great match for the Aqua Lung Calypso or Titan regulators. This octopus is a cold water rated balanced second stage that provides a high and reliable flow rate when its needed most. The octopus is supplied with a 100cm yellow hose with tool less hose to second […]

The Aqua Lung Sport Paradise Dry LX Snorkel is designed to make your next underwater experience absolutely amazing. Enjoy the depths longer with this snorkel’s completely 100% submersible dry top air shaft that utilizes Pivot-Dry technology to optimize the amount of air you bring down. This snorkel also features a full-flex, drop-away section to enhance […]

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